Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Journey to Cape Town South Africa

Greetings Everyone!
I first have to tell you that this journey although initated by my school FAMU has been a life long desire... to visit AFRICA the Mama Africa! Oh I can only tell you that the feeling is so strong to finally touch the land.   God has made it possible and united yet another one of his children to come home even if it is for a visit......I am in Cape Town, South Africa in an area called Paarl, named after Paarl Mountain, its their winter April - August and its 11cdegres min and 18c degrees max.... whats that in our weather....hmm guess you gotta do some research.

FAMU has an independent course called Social Problems in Agronomy and the trip to Cape Town South Africa will be 3 weeks.  There are 7 students and 3 Professors on this venture. I will try to capture a little everyday so you can share this wonderful journey with me.   We are immersed in the culture as we are staying with two families who run these marvelous bed and breakfasts.  Zentree Bed and Breakfast and Cotton Bed and Breafast.

I have already met an newly founded NGO named Keep the Dream 346 I was speaking with one of the founders Riaan van der Hoeven who explained the goals and objectives of the company. They are training people to grow their own food via community gardening and  other sustainable methods of community engagement.  I will have pictures and more information soon  ... Stay tuned leave me your comments and questions I will try to answer as time permits....
Off ... into ... the wild blue yonder...

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